Take a journey through a wondrous landscape


Get a completely different perspective of Arkaba’s magnificent wilderness on an included walking safari.

Our expert field guides pull together the incredible geological history, wildlife and pastoral heritage of this region that will deepen your connection with the land.

Walking safaris are individually tailored to your interests and cover some of the best bushwalking territory in Australia.

Arkaba Hill Hike

This steep and rocky scramble to the top of the camel hump hill behind the homestead is a good sweat breaker with a very rewarding view at the top. Here we pass some fascinating native flora examples eking out an existence in what looks to be inhospitable rocky soils. Approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours round trip.

The Arkaba Woolshed

The impressive old stone shed although no longer in use, tells stories of the shearing hardships of days gone by. Built in the 1850’s and still in use up until the property destocked in 2013, the smell as you enter is unmistakeable. The walk (or drive) to the sheering shed goes through some interesting Mallee forest that is showing signs of recovery after heavy grazing pressure, and the ‘Woolshed Creek’ that passes it has some surface water in the form of small spring fed puddles that attract bird and mammal life.

Waterhole at Arkaba

Arkaba Creek Walk

This very pretty walk amongst the gum trees follows Arkaba creek in a southerly direction.  We pass reliable water springs that attracted the first settlers to the site for the Homestead and Woolshed and today attract wildlife. As we visit two headstones of some early settlers you’ll hear stories of their hardship, evidenced in their young years at death.  This is a 1/2 hour to as-long-as-you-would-like walk. The creek meanders all the way to the south-western corner of the property and beyond.


This is a four day walk for groups of up to 10 walkers, accompanied by an expert field guide or guides, whose passion and knowledge of the environment will inspire and motivate their fellow walkers. Find out more >