African safari meets Australian outback


“As we trundle along in a topless jeep on the rugged South Australian mountainsides covering 60,000 acres of the property, I frantically tick off species on my checklist pamphlet—shingleback lizards, emus, wedge-tailed eagles, wallabies, echidnas and, of course, oodles and oodles of Australia’s signature species, the kangaroo.”

Quest Magazine

Our expert field guides are essential in delivering an immersive wilderness experience through their interpretation and knowledge of the flora, fauna and geology of the Flinders country.

Your stay at Arkaba includes twice-daily, safari-style exploration across our 60,000 acre conservation property. 

Our experiences maximise wildlife viewing potential in the varying terrains, take in some massive vistas, and encourage being out at the best times of day for beautiful light shows – early morning & late afternoon (throughout the year). 

Activities are shared with other guests and curated based on interests. For serious birders and photographers we highly recommend booking private experiences (at additional cost) to ensure the full attention to your individual interests. 

  • Up to 7 hours of included activities daily
  • Australia's most knowledgeable field guides

We invite you to become participants in the drama of the bush, not just spectators at the show.

Arkaba experiences

With 60,000 acres in the heart of the Flinders Ranges there is no need to leave this world-class wildlife conservancy. The terrain varies spectacularly from the dramatic walls of Wilpena Pound to rolling hills to dry creek beds with majestic 300 year old river red gums.

No two days are the same. With a range of the below on-site activities, our expert field guides will showcase the incredible geological history, wildlife and pastoral heritage of the region.

Safari drives

Get the African experience in Australia as you explore the vastness of Arkaba’s 60,000 acres on an open-top 4WD safari. Arkaba’s picturesque high ranges, plateaus, gorges, valleys and creek lines provide a huge variety of habitat for wildlife and on any given day a game drive will reveal Arkaba’s hidden treasures. Find out more >


Walking safaris

Get a completely different perspective of Arkaba’s magnificent wilderness on an included walking safari. Our expert field guides pull together the incredible geological history, wildlife and pastoral heritage of this region that will deepen your connection with the land. Find out more >


Wildlife Viewing Hide

Arkaba’s new wildlife viewing Hide a complimentary experience and an ideal place for a spot of morning or afternoon tea as you admire wildlife behaving naturally in the wild just three meters away from you at eye level. Find out more >

Conservation in action

Learn about the challenges Australia faces in saving its biodiversity and join one of Arkaba’s field guides on a conservation activity. Wildlife conservation on the property is an ever changing and ever improving endeavour which has immensely enhanced the wilderness experience. Find out more >

Wildlife spotting

With the removal of sheep stock and Arkaba’s conservation initiatives, the wildlife has returned en mass to Arkaba including species not seen for decades that are now regularly spotted.  Find out more >


From mobs of emus, Australia’s largest flightless bird, to wedgie-tailed eagles soaring high, to the tiny Horsfields Bronze Cuckoo perched in the trees, spotting birds at Arkaba will delight any serious birders. We can arrange for private experiences with ornithologists who specialise in this region of Australia. Please enquire >

Family adventures

We have long been welcoming families who seek to share quality family time in beautiful surrounds of nature and wildlife. Our family-focused itineraries include special activities that will appeal to the younger family members offering the opportunity for exploring and learning in this incredible landscape. 


Arkaba’s abundance of wildlife, sweeping vistas and stunning sunrises and sunsets offer both the novice and experienced photographers first-class opportunities to take magical photographs. At certain times of the year we run specific photography courses. Please enquire for more details >

At additional cost

Enhance your stay with a scenic flight or indigenous experience.

Helicopter experience at Arkaba

Air safaris

For some of the best birds-eye views in Australia you can’t miss an air safari over Arkaba and surrounds. It’s one of the best ways to get a real sense of place and the scenery is spectacular. Whether it’s a heli safari of Wilpena Pound or a small aircraft flight over Lake Eyre, this opportunity is not to be missed.   Find out more >


A walk with Pauline McKenzie is an opportunity to connect you with stories of Australia’s first people, the Adnyamathanha, who have long looked after the landscape and wildlife of South Australia’s Ikara-Flinders Ranges. Coming from tens of thousands of years as an oral culture has made them wonderful story tellers.  Find out more >

Pre or post nearby experiences (not included)


Dine on bush-tucker at the Prairie Hotel

The Prairie Hotel is infamous for its innovative dishes with Australian native and ‘Flinders Feral Food’ twists and for those with extra time in the area it’s worth a visit. Dishes include smoked kangaroo, camel sausage and emu pate.  

Brachina Gorge - Flinders Ranges National Park

Visit the ‘Geological Trail’ which crosses rocks 525 to 640-million years old. Fossils of the unique Ediacaran fauna can be seen in the Rawnsley Quartzite formation and Brachina Gorge is the best location to look for the Endangered Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby – the poster marsupial of the region. 

Fossil hunting

The fossils preserved in the ancient sea-floor at Ediacara in the Flinders Ranges record the first known multicellular animal life on Earth that predates the Cambrian. This diverse and exquisitely preserved community of ancient organisms represents a significant snapshot of our geological heritage. 

Wangara hill look-out walk - Wilpena Pound

This 7km walk follows a return track into Wilpena Pound and up to a look-out, rewarding the hiker with great views of the bowl shape of the Pound. 

One of the best way to experience Arkaba is on a 3-night stay but with only five guest-rooms and a maximum of ten guests availability is limited. Get in quick.