Arkaba immerses you in nature


Fascinating to learn the conservation plans for Arkaba and we wish you well with this incredible project. Most enjoyed the utter peacefulness of the place and getting completely away from everything, especially the internet … please don’t install! Loved the atmosphere and leaving after four nights feeling so relaxed.

Luke’s culinary efforts were first class as were Lachlan’s. The food was amazing!

It was a truly amazing experience and the food was honestly out of this world – we still talk about it!

Joy and I had the best time at Arkaba. Everything was perfect in every way. The accommodation was wonderful, the food was magnificent, the staff were excellent, the other guests were good company, the daily outings were beautifully scenic and educational – I particularly enjoyed bird watching and botanising with the guides – we even found a bird that hadn’t been seen before on the property. We only had time to do some sketching for part of one afternoon, but we’ve come home with enough photos to keep us in painting inspirations for the rest of our lives.

The guides were great – so personable and passionate about the environment – I doubt there is any question that Darlene wouldn’t be able to answer. The scenery was magnificent – the scale is awe inspiring and the colours were magic. We loved the swags and the chance to sleep under the stars. The food, both on the walk and at the homestead was excellent thanks to Luke and Matt. The drive back with Sarah was a good finale to the 4 days. All in all a great experience – thanks again!

The diversity of wildlife that I saw during the 4WD tours was amazing, and it was so wonderful to see the progression of native plants and animals on the property as a result of the conservation project. It’s amazing what can happen in just a few years!

The food was terrific – worthy of a top city restaurant. The staff were very good. In fact it was refreshing to me, having been surrounded by lawyers all my professional life, to meet a category who were full bottle in, and passionate about, flora, fauna, ornithology and geology. The excursions were well run and informative. 

“We had the best time! Loved the landscape, the people, the food, the birds… Great experience. Wonderful stop in our honeymoon. :-)”

“Magical! Thank you all for the amazing memories and giving me the chance to be in the bush again. Your hospitality is outstanding. Food to die for. Thank you!”

“We have been coming to Australia for 30+ years. Thought we had seen it all until we came here. So Thank you for giving us life on a station that will mean so much more to us.”

“What a wonderful place, we really enjoyed our stay with you. Everything was perfect and our thanks to each of you for making our visit memorable. The trips to the bush were amazing, wonderful to see the wildlife roam free and safe. As to the food and wines, simply excellent.”

“Thank you for a truly memorable few days in the outback. Charlie and Megan’s guiding is first class and made our hikes so interesting and informative. The cuisine was superb (especially the desserts) and our overall experience in Arkaba is a highlight of our Australian adventure! Thank you for the amazing hospitality and real taste of this part of the world!”

“We love Arkaba – wild, beautiful and brilliantly managed with every staff (and guest) exceptional!”

“Lovely trip. Great adventure. did not want to leave. Charlie, Megan, Luke and Vicki were the best. Thanks!”