Walking in nature soothes the soul & nourishes the body.

The Arkaba Walk

“Arkaba generates passion and love of the country by its sheer beauty and the stories that lie behind it. 
We take enormous pride in helping the country restore itself and hope that we can inspire otherwise similarly.”

Charles Carlow, Owner

Traverse the ancient Flinders Ranges where 600 million years of geological history provide a spectacular backdrop.

The Arkaba Walk is a four-day walk for groups of up to 10 walkers, accompanied by an expert guide or guides, whose passion and knowledge of the environment will inspire and motivate their fellow walkers. From dry creek beds, isolated waterholes lined with 1,000 year old river gums to craggy ridge lines and rolling hills covered in cypress pines to the ancient ramparts of Wilpena Pound, this is some of the most stunning walking country in Australia.

Arkaba Walk

Our 'Wild Bush Luxury' philosophy brings a team of passionate guides and a few key creature comforts to an immersive bush experience.

Your guides will show you secret spots on the 60,000 acre private wildlife conservancy and recount stories of the people, indigenous inhabitants, explorers and settlers, who have created the human history of this area.

Camps are set up in spectacular locations on the property and are designed to expose you to the surrounding country. You will have the chance to sleep out under the stars in a deluxe swag or under newly erected shelters. At the end of each day, walkers are greeted by a camp that has been set up in advance, a delicious three-course dinner and a good supply of Australian wines and other beverages.

Camp showers and loos are discreetly placed and offer spectacular views of the Wilpena Pound and Elder Ranges. Your final night is spent in the historic Arkaba homestead. 

Walks operate annually from March to October. For more information and rates for The Arkaba Walk please visit our website or email us at info@arkabawalk.com

Great Walks of Australia
Arkaba Walk
  • Duration: 4 days / 3 nights (Please enquire for other durations)
  • Runs: March to October
  • Distance: 45 kilometres
  • Graded as: Moderate to Hard