Immerse yourself in Adnyamathanha Culture


Adnyamathanha people come from tens of thousands of years as an oral culture and this has made them wonderful story tellers.

Pauline is a living library of her ancient Adnyamathanha lifestyle. Born in Hawker, she spent much of her childhood on country just north of Arkaba and, like most indigenous people of a certain age, has a connection with the land that emanates from long before any European explorers or settlers appeared.

Pauline lives locally in Hawker and is one of few people who still speaks the Adnyamathanha language fluently. She spends a large portion of her time teaching cultural stories and language (Yura Muda) at the Hawker area school and is determined that Adnyamathanha stories and her culture are passed on. Her stories of the land and her personal story growing up as a person in ‘white’ Australia provide a glimpse into Australia’s Aboriginal history and the issues that confront Aboriginal society today. 

Arkaba through Adnyamathanha Eyes is a shared two hour experience costing $200 per person. While this experience must be requested in advance it is paid locally operating with a minimum of two people.